afro latino women- sky- watergun - web comic

HoverGirls is comic by artist and game developer Geneva Bowers (GDBee). HG follows cousins Jalissa and Kim Vasquez, new residents of the city of Los Aguaceros. Kim dreams of being famous, and Jalissa seems to be just rolling with the punches. The day to day struggles are hard enough, add in water monsters and magical girls, things become a lot more complicated.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about HoverGirls is the illustrations-their stunning an eerie kind of way.  There bright and vibrant but dark at the same time.  I like a world shrouded in mystery. Which is perfect because this story is shrouded in mystery.

I want to keep this spoiler-free, but aside from the artwork, the most powerful thing about this webcomic is the relationship between the cousins. Jalissa and Kim is literally night and day, ironically, they balance each other out so well.  Both characters are really likable in their own right.  The nonchalant styling of Jalissa and the ambition dream chaser Kim.

Afro latino women - sky - bat - water

HoverGirls is funny and relatable.  Sometimes your days are filled with boring or mundane activities, and others the unimaginable can happen. But above all else, HoverGirls is about the love of family.

Why should you read HoverGirls?

  1. Get Afro Latina Magical Girls.
  2. Mysterious Foes
  3.   It’s fun.
  4. Dope illustrations
  5. Get a Dope story.

Most importantly, this presents a chance to support a new take on the magical girl concept. A story starting Black people by an independent Black Creative.

HoverGirls is available on the Line WEBTOON and the official website.

Very special shout out to homie Naja B from of the Blerdy Otome for putting me on.