Press Play: Female Rappers Rock


asian american woman - rapper music - heesun leeKorean American Rapper Heesun Lee is an artist I’ve followed for a while now.  She can rap! Her music has a positive message and puts on a dope performance.  Her energy level when on stage is truly something to be seen. I also love the fact that she puts on for the culture.  Recently, the New York Native uploaded a spoken word piece titled: Female Rappers Rock.  Before you read any further, Stop and check out the video.

What did you think?

I’ve encountered similar scenarios as well and the issue at times is a bit convoluted but clear at the same time. Honestly, she was spitting facts and I couldn’t agree more. There needs to be more Female representation in this industry.  And while there are many factors that come into play, there is something that we as fans and people of the community can do. And that’s paying it forward.

This was meant to be a serious discussion but it was packed with bits of humor and provoked thoughts; It flowed so seamlessly.

Let’s be honest. How many female rappers can you name?

How many of them would you consider successful?

Regardless of the way your tally leans WE NEED TO DO BETTER.

I’m going to continue to do my part for the culture and spread the world.

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