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Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. FrivolousShara is Femcee and producer (composer) to look out for.  As of late, she’s been cranking out a ton of music and out of all the new songs, Dandelion Magic for me stood at the forefront. 


For me, it’s always about the music But let’s start with the visuals.  The music video has a very psychedelic vibe. Bright neon colored strobe lights laid over Shara in a darkened room.  It’s hypnotic, lulling you into a laid-back state of mind. Your energy matched that of the song.  I also loved that the video was at some point a narrated what was mentioned in the song adding to storytelling nature that much more.

One of the things I love about Shara’s music. She has a good grasp of her distinct sound. Her beat selection always suits her voice and performance.  And Dandelion Magic is no exception produced by Mi$TY MVNE. This song is soulful. Seems like Shara is giving us a glimpse of her life more specifically her mind.  Her insecurities, and thoughts and aspirations.  At first, it feels like she talking to someone, specifically, but in retrospect, she’s having a conversation with her self.  At the moment you realize this, it makes everything said that much more relatable.

So what do you think of Dandelion Magic? 

Let me know in the comment section below. 

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