Announcement: New Pokemon Mobile Game

If Candy Crush and Pokemon had a baby Pokemon Shuffle would be the result.

This game is a cute version of candy crush and other puzzle games like it BUT you can catch the Pokemon you battle and add them to your collection. The usual puzzle game getting 3 or more in a row it’s not a real battle the other Pokemon doesn’t fight back yet. I’m actually hoping that later as you go through the levels they will attack back.
I played a couple of levels and its very cute its like the best of both worlds I do like playing candy crush and I do play Pokemon on my DSI so maybe they we’re onto something when they created the mobile version of the game.

Now in order to catch Pokemon after you defeat them in battle there is a catchability meter it determines whether you catch the Pokemon or not also the moves you have left over increases your chances after tapping the poke ball I caught myself tapping my phone screen like it was the A button like it was going to guarantee I get this Pokemon. The Pokemon exp. goes up as well as evolution which make the game more interesting to play.

I think you all should give it a try its entertaining for the first couple of levels

The mobile game is available for IOS and Android 
Here’s the trailer for the mobile release

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