E3 Trailer: Detroit: Become Human


Detroit: Become Human TrailerI stumbled upon this trailer looking for more games that let players make choices to create a storyline. I’m really interested in games like this it gives power to the imagination. I’m really interested in the backstory as to why androids looks this realistic to the humans in the game. In the trailer a woman desperate to save he daughter couldn’t tell this was an android at first so my guess is that Detroit is full of these androids that we’re meant to serve humans.

This is a guess that the trailer is the first mission we run into that we as the players get to choose the outcome and then we will have to see what outcome our choices bring. I also watched another video about this game that let’s the character your playing die if your choice come to it and you will start playing a different character. You will only play the androids in this world and humans will be the enemy. That alone is a great stoyline that should get science fiction fans excited.

Detroit: Become Human – E3 Livecast

I also wanted to show one of the models for the game. You may know her from The Following that used to air on Fox and I also remember seeing her in Veronica Mars back in the day. Valorie Curry is the model for Kara and voiced the android for this game. The technology we have today is just so amazing.


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