Alan Z’s Birthday Bash Cypher


Alan Z is an artist that has popped up on our feed a few times.  With his smooth vocals and solid rapping skills, I can’t help but show love. On October 7th, The Fresh Prince of ATL celebrated the release of his EP “First Time’s The Charm”.  And in true Hip Hop Fashion, he and his friends set off the celebration with a Cypher.

AlanZ_ Bday Cypher (Soulcial Dreamers)
Rap in its truest form is about showmanship.  In that moment, with the mic in your hand, becoming larger than life or simply just wanting to shine amongst your peers.  The Cypher is a tradition that can be traced back just as far.  For those unfamiliar, Cipher or cypher in urban usage means pretty much the same thing.

  1. (of an organ pipe) sound continuously
  2. a secret or disguised way of writing; a code

A cypher is a combination of both definitions seen above. It is a continuously moving sound written in a secret or disguised code. In this case, the sound is words and rather than being written its spoken.  It rotates or moves from person to person. In order for it to be a cypher, multiple people need to be involved.

Now that the explanation is out-of-the-way.  I’m a huge fan of cyphers. There nothing quite like randomly coming across one.  The mere thought gets me excited.  I  was also excited to learn that these guys featured are battle rappers. And while I’m not a huge fan of battle rap, I still dabble from time to time. I LOVE the competitive nature of the sport and watching it grow the way it has is amazing.

I would also like to add that using the Party and Bullshit instrumental made this so much more interesting.

Emcee featured: Alan Z, Tetsho Vintage, Knux, KT, and Court.

Based on delivery and stage presence, Tetsho Vintage was my favorite spitter out of the lot.  Secondly, I’d have to give it to Alan and my third spot is going to Court.
Knux and KT both dropped the ball. They fell out of the pocket, might have been due to the beat selection or the beat itself. Battle raps tend to play out a capella.  So maybe that tripped them up or maybe they just weren’t prepared. Everyone drops the ball from time to time.  So I’d rather give them the benefit of doubt then simply just ragging on them.  They clearly seemed to be having a lot of fun. The other members showed them, love. So that’s gotta count for something right?

So what did you think of the Atlanta Battle Rap league members?

Sources: Alan Z Bandcamp and google dictionary

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