Long awaited third album from Bruno mars has finally hit stores and Bruno has never let us down and with this album he took it to the next level. I was waiting for an album after Bruno dropped his single “24k Magic” in October, I didn’t expect it to become my favorite album of the year. I’m a huge fan of Bruno’s since R&B is my favorite genre of all time and when I first listened to this album I was so blown away by how creative and fun this album is just a few songs in.

Listening to this album it felt like Bruno touched just about every decade of music. I could tell from the beats and listening to old R&B songs that his inspiration was old school music with a modern twist. Bruno Mars never fails to bring good music each and every time he releases an album. I can’t express how excited I was when I heard 24k Magic and later found out this album was coming out, Bruno can have my money if he continues to bring projects like this to life I’ll forever be a fan.

Just when I thought his last album was a classic for my collection this album has everything I love rolled into one. The funk, Rhythm and Blues and fun all together makes me addicted to listening to this on repeat. Also when you listen to this album I lost count how many times he mentioned ass and a woman’s body measurements, it’s literally in every song you can’t miss it.
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24k Magic – This funky beat to these catchy tunes made this song a hit from the beginning, I can hear a mix of samples in this track one that stood out to me was California Love by Tupac and some 70s music I used to hear growing up. 24K Magic is an instant classic I expect to hear this song at parties for at least another year it’s just so easy to jam to with no effort.
Chunky – When I first saw this song’s title I knew it was going to be a fave because Bruno was kinda talking about me when he said “if you ain’t here to party take your ass back home”. I love this song it’s so laid back and really keeps the groove going into the album. This song really kept the throwback feel of the entire album like the 90s when fun R&B was just simply trying to impress someone with corny but cute lines.

Perm – Honestly hands down best song of 2016, These slick lines talking about throwing a perm on your attitude took the cake. I laughed so hard when I first heard this song this is the chorus for those that didn’t hear the album:

Throw some perm on your attitude
Girl you gotta relax, ooh
Let me show you what you got to do
You gotta lay it back
Matter of fact? Band, show her how to lay it back!
Show her how to lay it back
Show her how to lay it back
Show her how to lay it back

That right there is so creative and this is what made the song so fun to dance and sing since most know about a perm. I really wondered how this song came to be, was Bruno running his fingers through his hair and thought of a perm? or maybe he talked a woman with an attitude and told her to perm her attitude and relax? I have questions that need answers I want to know how did the engineers look when Bruno was recording this. I bet they couldn’t keep a straight face at first because the steps of relaxing your hair is also in the song which makes it even better.
That’s What I Like – I see this song being a fan favorite it’s a sexy song that you really can’t deny singing along or start the 2-step, Bruno is drowning in luxury and taking you with him if you make your ass clap, I’m no longer surprised by lines like this anymore in music but it’s fun to listen to at parties. Bruno never disappoints when it comes to music and I applaud him for continuing to come out with timeless songs like this.

Versace On The Floor – This song was the second single released off the album. This is the Bruno I fell in love with seductive, sexy and simple. I’m ecstatic he has a song like this on the album it gives it more variety, it’s a little bit of something for everyone and that’s what Bruno does with every EP and album so far.

Straight Up & Down – This song is full of compliments that I kept smiling while listening to this like Bruno was talking to me for a minute. And i can’t forget how much Bruno admires the booty in this song more than any other song on this album. I love how this song got straight to the point of doing the deed without beating around the bush like usual. Bruno was straight forward telling you he already got your body rocking side to side from dancing minds well take it to the next level.

Calling All My Lovelies – This song is dedicated to so-called side chicks all over the world who probably are black women because of all the names he said. You already know every R&B album needs on of those you should be grateful to have me songs, this is that song for Bruno. This is probably my least favorite, even though he calls them his lovelies you know what the hell he means. But it’s catchy and I got me thinking I’m too good to be with you.
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Finesse – New favorite song of the year and I can’t stop replaying it, it makes me feel so smooth and confident knowing I’m out here dripping in finesse! I love how simple this song is and you can dance to this song with the simplest dance ever the 2-step all you have to do is put your own to twist to it and you already know what it feels like to finesse. I feel like I’m back in the 90s with this song that’s also another reason why i love it so much. You can’t deny  the 90s was a great decade for music possibly the best and Finesse made me so happy to hear someone is trying to keep that 90s vibe alive.

Too Good To Say Goodbye – This also is a usual Bruno to have a  song where he is apologizing about his actions or something I think he had one song like this on every album. I love this song so much for once again being such a simple concept about forgiveness and love. Bruno keeping R&B alive with this album and this song took the cake of classic R&B feels.

If you listened to this album and want to go to a concert like I do just go over to Bruno’s website and try and get some tickets. NYC is out of luck both shows are sold out even NJ tickets are ridiculous so I’ll try my best to hit one of these shows got some time until September 2017.

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