Alan Z coined The Fresh Prince of ATL is an artist we’ve interviewed a few months back. This singer-songwriter and Emcee all rolled in one is pretty damn talented. I’ve been looking forward to hearing what else he has to bring to the table.

Let’s get right into to it
One of the first things that really stood out to me was the transition from Alan rapping to his singing. And also how well the instrumentation accompanied that.  The subtle changes were smooth. The entire time keeping the given emotion intact.

As expected, his vocals were clean.

Hook  is catchy.

His delivery was fresh showing his prowess as an emcee.

I was genuinely sold on this song.

This gave a familiar and new feeling all at the same time.  I heard Trey Songs being thrown around.  I can kinda see why but my initial thought was something totally different. Alan was giving me Savage Garden’s Madly Truly Deeply feels vocally.  Which is odd because their a rock band but at same time not really. Genre’s blend very often.

So let him know what you think? 

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