AnimeNEXT 2019: Kohei Hattori and Shihori Nakane Concert


This was a 2-in-1 concert, I thought Kohei and Shiori would have a joint concert and sing together but we got them performing separately. I’ve seen Kohei in concert before at Liberty City Con in New York. The energy Kohei gives the audience is always unmatched, usually, it takes the audience a few songs to get as amped as him. This was my first introduction to Shiori Nakane and I have to say I’m a new fan I enjoyed her music.

Kohei made his set into an anime dance party by playing and singing along to popular anime theme songs we all know and he threw in a few Japanese songs. The audience cheered him on, they didn’t quite match his energy but this could be the first time seeing Kohei for a lot of these con-goers. Kohei is definetly one of those artists you never get tired of seeing because his enegry is always on high. Great energy wakes a crowd and keeps them alive throughout his set.

Shiori was a different vibe when she came out, we went from anime dance party to beautiful ballads and it was a quick change in pace. Shiori performed a few songs wrote and co-wrote and few of her original songs. Shihori has worked on many anime and video game music here’s the list of her work. Shihori has a good amount of projects she has released over the last couple of years. You can check out her discography on her website. Shihori’s music is very upbeat and pop, she did mention she’ll be releasing more original music in the near future so be on the look out.

I enjoyed this concert from beginning to end and Kohei and Shihori are very talented artists I hope to see in the future. Below is Kohei and Shihori’s information I suggest giving their music a listen. You might just discover your new favorite song.

Kohei Information

Website | Instagram | Twitter |Youtube

Shihori Information

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Youtube

Here’s a clip from AnimeNEXT that Lizzo caught of Shihori’s performance

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