IMG_7643LeChat is a popular cosplayer from Japan, known for her love of horror and cute things. Her entertainment career began on Nico Nico as a guest on “comic market” and later furnished a record deal, modeling contracts, and acting gigs.

Prior to AnimeNEXT, I’ve never heard of LeChat and after doing a little bit of research, I was hyped to check out her performance. For one,  I love cosplay and  I also love music, what better way to indulge in something that gives me both. IMG_7837

My first impression was, “Damn she’s small”. The Japanese artist we watch live usually are but that was one of the first things I noticed.

Secondly, the whole “love of horror and the cute things” description was a high key a visual aesthetic. The little skull cape thing she had on can only be described as that. I don’t normally like skulls and stuff, but she was rocking this fit.  So I was definitely here for it.


Thirdly, LeChat music was cute which fits well with her persona. I loved how she played to the crowd and engaged the audience.  There was even a moment during the performance where she stepped off-stage and walk down the aisle into the seated audience.  A little showmanship for the mind.

The best thing about this entire experience was the vocals. Sis could sing! I like how she was serving looks the entire time. Like “I does this” Confidence out the park. Her energy level was consistent the entire time. Normally the artist feeds off the energy from the crowd but this audience was dead as fuck, and she still showed up and showed out. That’s the type of thing I like to see. 

All in all, I had a dope time. Good energy and good music equal a good time.

Have you heard of LeChat?

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