LCAC 2018
On Saturday, we attended TiA and Kohei joint concert at Liberty City Anime Convention. TiA and Kohei are Japanese recording artist who currently resides in New York City.

Courtesy of Alice

TiA has to be the most polished vocalist I’ve seen at any anime convention. Her runs were clear and crisp, most importantly, they had feeling and conveyed emotion even with the disconnect of the language barrier. Even though the verbal interaction was in English which made things that much more smoother.

As for Kohei, he was on fire, from his overall stage presence, to song performance and together they were explosive. I felt the rhythm of the city running thought my veins, it felt like we were at a Hip-Hop concert in the trenches without actually being in the trenches. The most interesting part, at least for me was, this wasn’t a rap concert. Though there was rapping that happened with the vibe received by a crowd of rhythmically challenged individuals, that was a sight to see.
During the concert, Kohei reveals to the audience that TiA also sings Gospel Music and she would like to sing something for us.
Another concert goer and I make eye contact. She says “She’s about to take us to church” I agreed and laughed but essentially that’s what happened, for a very brief moment she amazed me. Her song of choice was the Hymn Amazing Grace and her voice was like butter- I was touched.

Other songs included in their set list: Haruka Kanata 遥か彼方 by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, covered by Kohei. A Cruel Angel’s Thesis 残酷な天使のテーゼ by Yōko Takahashi and 流星, Ryūsei by TiA. Kohei also performed a song from the Dragon ball Franchise and many more.

The highlight of this concert was definitely the moments when Kohei and TiA performed together. The energy they shared was charismatic, I also loved that fact that you could tell that they were enjoying themselves the whole performance. From their body language to the smiles plastered on there faces made it that much more enjoyable.
TiA and Kohei, really know how to put on a great show. I kind of wish that their set was a bit longer but still it ended on a good note all the same. This also leaves me wondering, what a set would be like outside of an Anime Convention? All in all, I had a fantastic time at this concert. I’d be interesting in seeing them again live, I’d highly recommend checking them out if they appear in a city near you.

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