3 Characters That Can Defeat Thanos

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This past Thursday, the team and I watched Avengers: Infinity War. It’s been a long time coming and to be honest, I still having mixed feelings about how things played out. Thanos was really menacing, he exuded a level of power and confidence I wasn’t quite ready for. The Titan was a total badass and this got me thinking, based on my knowledge of Marvel Comics who could go toe to toe with the All Mighty Thanos. Here are three characters that I know can do it.

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First up Dark Phoenix, if you’re familiar with X-men (Comics/Animations/Movies) at some point you’ve come across her. Dark Phoenix is essentially Jean Grey with her powers fully manifested with the assistance of Phoenix Force and as for the Dark part, well that’s because she’s unstable. Destroying anything in her path while she learns to grasp her energy. It’s stated that she is one of strongest mutants in existence, to be fair she is one of the strongest characters in Marvel history. So it’s safe to say she’d give your boy a run for his money.

Putting stats asides because both characters are pretty evenly matched. I think Phoenix unpredictability will also give her an edge, if she’s able to catch Thanos off guard she could manipulate heat molecules enough to blast him into pieces or she could devour a star and unleash that energy on him as well.

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Doreen Green a.k.a Squirrel Girl is my second choice. At first, I had my doubts but its true Squirrel girl is formidable enough to defeat Thanos. In the comic books she has on more than one encounter with him and she won, the proof is in the panels. Being that she has encountered and previously defeated the Mad Titan, it’s not really fair to include her but the comics books never specify how she was able to do so.

My best guess is that she outsmarts him, she lured him into a false sense of security making him think he had the upper hand. Thanos cockiness more times then not is his undoing, Squirrel Girl took the opportunity to strike and somehow takes him down.

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Lastly, we have Scarlet Witch, she has the power of energy that can be used to destroy Thanos. Not in only the comics but in her MCU depiction as well, if she can destroy the mind stone she can certainly rip holes through flesh. I don’t know why they continue to downplay her but in this situation, it could be because he got the drop on her. She has more firepower than The Hulk, I know the rest of her stats won’t line up but I still stay firm in my choice. Though I’m fully aware this is such a wildcard pick, as far as Scarlet Witch goes I don’t have the slightest clue how she’d accomplish this. Just that she has the energy to do so using matter manipulation.

These are the three characters that I believe have the ability to beat Thanos. All of the characters I choose just so happen to be women and they are some of  Marvel’s strongest. These are characters that I liked from reading the comics, watching animation and movies over the years, I’d be more than happy to see any of these scenarios played out on screen.

Are there any characters you believe can beat Thanos?

As per usual, Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Litany of grammar errors aside (your, too etc) this article doesn’t actually say how ANY of these guys would actually, you know, DEAFEAT Thanos? Just “They’re strong. They could.” or “Honestly, google it”.
    I learnt nothing.

    1. It was meant to be a discussion starter. Rather then “look I have the answers” style piece. Either way, I see your point. Thanks for voicing your opinion either way

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