1llionaire: No Re$t Tour (New York)

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Today makes a week since the 1llionaire No Re$t Concert in New York City. And I am still floating on Cloud 9. I’ve been a fan of Dok2 since first hearing his THUNDERGROUND EP back in 09. And As for The Quiett, I’ve been a fan for 5 going on 6 years now. So I’m fairly familiar with their catalog. This was also my second time seeing them live. But this time around was definitely 1LLI.
But let’s start from the beginning.

I applied for press credentials for the team and I. After a long waiting process, we were approved a few days before the event. The day of the concert, we lined early in the allotted area for press entry. We jokes around a bit. I provided a little background information on The Q and Gonzo for a team member who isn’t very familiar with Korean Hip Hop. And before we knew it, it was time to enter the venue.

Everything was going smoothly until we were denied entry at the box office. None of our names made it on the list. The venue worker was being such a hard ass even after we managed to get into contact with a representative from Mandoo Entertainment. The venue worker even gave her a hard time. To make a long story short, our connect at Mandoo Ent. straighten everything out like a boss and got us in as promised.
The New York stop was hosted by Kpop Youtuber Michael Smith-Grant a.k.a. Popo (of Misterpopotv). Involving Kpop Youtuber personalities was a brilliant idea. Last time we saw 1llionaire live, Korean American Rapper Hee sun Lee opened up for them. I was curious too see, who else would have the honor of getting the show popping. But there was no one aside from Popo, Dok2 and The Quiett jumped right into things.
They literary ran through 8 or 9 songs back to back without taking a break. And with each song, there performance level got better and better. When they said No Re$t Tour, they meant that literally. Full throttle. The 10 years of experience both emcee have was flexed on that very stage.

The embodiment of what a emcee should sound like; With the image and charisma to match

It’s legit like 95 degree outside. Dok2 was rocking a denim shirt, high top Tims and shorts. That’s some real stereotypical New York hood attire. Dude actually dress like that in hoods of Brooklyn but still. Drey was like, The Q looks like he ran out for a quick store run.. All jokes aside, this really felt like Hip Hop. This felt so New York. The homage was really appreciated. This is something I cannot stress enough. Upholding the culture so important

One of the first songs, they performed was Beverly 1LLS. They also performed their hit single YGGR. 2 Chainz & Rollies was another milestone.  Add Profile and Rockin’ With Thest Best too the least. They were definitely on a roll.
The highlight performances for me was definitely when The Q performed Tomorrow and 1 Life 2 live. I’m Q biased. But Gonzo definitely killed his solo joints. RAPSTAR and Still On My Way was definitely a nice surprise.

I think he even performed Future flame but don’t quote me on that.

All in all, I had a fantastic time. If you are a fan of Korean Hip Hop, definitely check these guys out. And even, if you aren’t a fan of Korean music check these guys out.
I would like to send out a very special Thank you to Mandoo Entertain for having us.
Shout out to Drey for the taking such awesome pictures.

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