My buddy 鷹Shintendō64鷹 came out to New York for a concert at Babycastles last night. I wasn’t familiar with any of the other acts that were performing but I had so much fun.
The energy was grungy, raw and very inspiring.

EHIOROBO opened the show. The live instrumentation was a nice touch;very refreshing. Alot of their songs were named after food which I also found hilarious.  And as their set progressed the vocalist blossomed.

Alvie The Skywalker killed. They killed and the vocalist brought along with him was definitely a nice touch.

The nights special guest: Sketch 185 was so dope. His energy was through the roof. He had barz, the flow was tight and his project was aggressive and very commanding.  So very compelling. Would have been nice to see more from him.
UNCOMMON NASA set was fun as well.

DUNCECAP AND THE KARMA KIDS was a group that I’ve previously heard of never actually look into. But their fun and the energy was great. They probably the most spirited performers, I’ve seen in a while.

Then we meet the Terra Godz collective. Who put on equally as compelling performance.  I was thoroughly impressive. They interacted with the crowd time and the moral was still high. KariuTheGameboys in opinion has the most compelling moment. Dude said he was Pokemon trainer by day and emcee by night. I’m still laughing about that.

If I got anyone name wrong, I apologize.Until, we meet again

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