A few weeks ago Netflix released Nina Simone’s biographical documentary starting from her start in music  to her coming the jazz Icon she is. In the documentary there is interviews with Nina Simone explaining how started singing songs people wanted her to sing and how it destroyed her mentally to singing songs she wanted to sing and empowering herself and other African American people. The documentary is a powerful experience going through her life ups and downs.

I felt empowered after this i’m already a active activist. It made me feel like I could do more and try different approaches to the situations Nina and I feel strongly about. Her daughter Lisa Simone Kelly does most of the commentary when discussing her mother’s life and career.
I recommend seeing this documentary if you haven’t already it can really let you see what someone’s real reactions and emotions to the environment of the 1960s. The main interview took place in 1980s that caught my attention. There is a lot of jumping between the interviews but key point of what Nina Simone wanted to show the world is shown and I believe that what is important.
The Beautiful Portrayal of Miss
Nina Simone.


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