Princess Jellyfish 海月姫


Rena Nounen as Tsukimi was a pretty accurate casting; very believable.  The rest of Sisterhood’s casting was pretty phenomenal as well.  Azusa Babazono has the closes likeness appearance wise to her character Chieko.   Rina Ohta captured Mayaya’s mannerism to a T.  Chizuru Ikewaki and  Tomoe Shinohara who played Jiji and Banba weren’t half bad as well.

But Masaki Suda who played Kuranosuke was truly the show stopper. He shined the entire time. It was easy to see why Tsukimi was so taken with him.  Eventhough she was in liked his brother Shu who was played by Hiroki Hasegawa.

This movie was pretty much memorable scenes from the anime/manga strung together with a few adjustments.  It was enjoyable none the less.  So what did you think?
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