Attack On Titan: Live Action Trailer

The trailer came out on July 16th and it was epic no one can make a live action movie like japan can they will always be the best in that category. This movie is going to be just a good as the anime I believe they will touch on a lot of the anime the graphics look amazing that sure as hell was not disappointing.
From the trailer we can figure that the titans will actually look like the titans from the anime. You can tell who the characters are off the back so there is no need for an introduction. everything about the trailer shows that the movies is going to be good. The movie comes in 2 parts the US release dates are unknown right now but in japan it will be releasing on August 1st and September 19 of this year.

Funimation owns licensed rights for all the america productions such as theater, DVD, broadcasting etc. They plan to release it in the theaters this fall in america so when a date is available there will be a update.

Live Action Trailer

Here’s some of the movie posters and a link to more of funimation details
Funimation Details


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