Was Incredible 2 worth a 14-year wait?



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Incredibles 2 Spoilers!!!

This has been so long overdue that we’ve literally waited 14 years for part 2 to come out and it was worth the wait. Now before I get into this if you plan on seeing the movie anytime soon, if you have a history of epilepsy or light-induced seizures be aware that this movie does have a few scenes that have intense strobe lights and for minutes at a time. I wasn’t aware of this and I don’t have a history of epilepsy or light-induced seizures but I am prone to getting really bad migraines when exposed to intense flashing lights.

I want to first say that there was a really cute introduction video by the cast before the movie and I can’t find the video to share the cuteness with you, it’ll probably be available later on. If I find the video I will insert it. Before the movie starts a short animated film by Domee Shi called BAO plays and it was a little weird but cute, then it got sad really fast, then happy and it was such a great short film I really enjoyed it.
Heres the synopsis from the Pixar website: In “Bao,” an aging Chinese mom suffering from empty nest syndrome gets another chance at motherhood when one of her dumplings springs to life as a lively, giggly dumpling boy. Mom excitedly welcomes this new bundle of joy into her life, but Dumpling starts growing up fast, and Mom must come to the bittersweet revelation that nothing stays cute and small forever. This short film from Pixar Animation Studios and director Domee Shi explores the ups and downs of the parent-child relationship through the colorful, rich, and tasty lens of the Chinese immigrant community in Canada.

Bao Trailer

When Bao came on myself and a few other people in the audience were a little confused as to why this is showing instead of the Incredibles but honestly I like the idea of throwing a short film before the actual movie as a way to promote and get other works out and seen by an audience.  This could be Pixar’s new thing to do with movies because they did it with Coco but that frozen short film got taken out once people started complaining about frozen stealing the spotlight.

Looking into Bao I came across the creator and director Domee Shi and found out that she is the FIRST FEMALE DIRECTOR IN ALL OF PIXAR’S 32 YEAR EXISTENCE! And this is a cause for celebration, every milestone a woman makes in the world promotes other women to follow suit and create more. I was shocked to read that she is the first woman to direct a short film at Pixar but I wasn’t shocked to hear that Bao has the first Chinese characters to have been in a Pixar animation. I’m extremely proud of Domee Shi for accomplishing this and I hope to see more of her work grace the big screen in the future.

Domee Shi Interview

Now onto the stars of the movie, the kids stole the show throughout the whole movie and it was the best. The kids’ adventure and interactions with the adults make each scene hilarious. Jack-Jack has the funniest moments because everyone is now finding out he has powers and how many he has is the biggest mystery, he even got into a fight with a raccoon and it was the cutest fight I’ve ever seen. Edna made her cameo and discovers that Jack-Jack has so many different powers that she got so excited to create a super suit specifically for him that she agreed to babysit for Bob. Edna had to be the biggest highlight for me even though she has the least amount of screen-time in this movie but it was the most hilarious part.

As the movie progresses slowly but surely everything starts to become so predictable that you will guess what’s coming next and be correct. I believe this movie was just closure for the 14-year gap from the first one. The animation was amazing and I had a good time but I felt disappointed because I only came to the theater to see one person and I didn’t get to see her.

Image result for incredibles honey concept art
Honey and Frozone Concept Art

I wanted to see Incredibles 2 to finally see Frozone’s wife Honey grace the big screen and it never happened sadly but her voice was there again with some more iconic lines I think will catch on again. There is some concept art for Honey so that made me believe she will finally make her debut. I avoided spoilers and interviews for that very reason because I thought if they have a concept art of Honey she will make her appearance and then when she didn’t visually appear in her only scene I was a little disappointed. I found out after watching the movie that they put her in the movie but decided to scrap her because she is funnier as a voice. I could go deeper into why that’s an issue but I’m going to leave it. Honey was the only reason I wanted to see this movie after this 14-year wait just to hear her say 2 lines and never be mentioned again, it makes me a little upset that they would just bottle her down to funny off-screen cameo.

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are the main part of the plot being that this company that wants to lift the ban on superheroes and the company is run by a brother-sister duo who has a tragic past of their parents untimely death to give you that emotional connection to the characters to build their plot and reason for later in the movie. If it wasn’t obvious enough that one or both of the brother-sister duo was the villains Elastigirl made it so obvious like she literally pointed out all the red flags and when she was hot on their trail turns out the sister is evil because she blames superheroes for the death of her parents. This was an unsurprising villain, I would have been surprised if it was both of them honestly it would have made a better plot twist.

The brother Winston Deavor decides to use Elastigirl as their focus to lift the ban, Elastigirl gets her shine in this movie. Mr. Incredible is a tad bit jealous because he’s usually everyone’s first choice when it comes to superheroes and now has to play the role of stay at home dad, you can tell this new feat of being home with the kids alone is tough on Bob because he literally never done it before.

The movie overall was fun and if you see the first movie before part 2 you’ll be right in the mix, Part 2 starts off right where part 1 ended right after they suit up. I usually over analyze things and tend to not enjoy them because I notice small things, other than my issue with not visually seeing Honey in this movie I enjoyed the movie. I wouldn’t see it again but I really loved the family dynamic and how the kids were the stars of the movie saving the adults.

I know that a lot of people that read our blog are in the same age group as us and when Incredibles came out we were teenagers. Are you going to check out the movie after this 14-year gap or wait for it to come to TV?

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4 thoughts on “Was Incredible 2 worth a 14-year wait?

  1. I have to say Bao was sooo adorable. We all were in the theatre going awww through the whole thing. The beginning of incredibles 2 was kind of slow. But once Jack Jack became more involved it became awesome. He was the top dawg in this movie.

    1. Jack jack was the best part about this movie and I wonder if they will do a part 3 and he’s alittle older with all his powers or a short film. I liked bao and it was so cute until it got sad lol I thought it was so creative too.

      1. Omg I hope they have a number 3. Or a spin-off movie or even show with Jack Jack.
        Also, yeah the ending of Bao was kind of sad when she ate the dumpling and she was so sad.

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