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I’m late with it but I’ve seen the announcement and still didn’t take 5 mins to watch the trailer. I’ve been looking forward to seeing if DC would redeem the DCU movies. The way I feel about DCU movies is a whole other topic but I’m looking forward to Aquaman because of Jason Momoa.

This man has embodied Aquaman since taking on this role in the Batman v Superman movie. I like Jason Momoa as a person too so I’m really rooting for this movie to be great.

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After watching the trailer on Warner Bros. YouTube channel, I’m excited about this movie. The trailer looks good and I saw a few characters I didn’t think they would put in the movie like Black Manta. I’m super excited to see Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta. If you’ve watched Netflix’s The Get Down then you know who he is! I became a fan after watching him there because he played his role so well, I started following the movies and shows he appeared in.
Black Manta might be my favorite character in this movie-already just from being a fan of Yahya.

Black Manta and Aquaman have a fight scene in the trailer and I’m actually really pumped to see how this plays out between the two.

As per usual, casting is way off when it comes to his parents, two white parents did not produce Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. They could have even used his half brother Ohm, Hollywood’s casting is the absolute worst when it comes to movies with POC as main characters.
This is a pet peeve of mine that started with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and all his white movie children, I think a few movies got it right but that’s a story for another day.
There is a big brown dude running around saving lives and the child actor that is supposed to represent him doesn’t even resemble him in some way? Jason Momoa’s Aquaman deserves some respect! That man looks nothing like his parents and we’re supposed to just believe it? Pops in the Lighthouse could have been a man of color for the sake of the character.
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I will go see this movie regardless because I’m a DC fan. I really hope this movie is going in the right direction the DCU needs. I was disappointed with Justice League and Batman v Superman, those movies were really killing me. I love Jason in Justice League but had mixed feelings about everyone else.

The DCU really needs to bring their A++ game with this movie because the only thing good we have so far is the Wonder Woman movie and we can’t be 4 or 5 movies deep into Universe and only have one good movie.
Justice League looked promising when I first saw the trailer but the movie ended up being something else and I felt like I wasted my time. Those were not my favorite characters being portrayed, it’s like I put to much trust into Hollywood to get the characters right.

The casting was perfect in JL, I even like Ben Affleck as Batman as crazy as that sounds. The story and some of the characters personalities made it a hot mess.
Aquaman drops in Theaters on December 21st. I’m also looking forward to seeing if Warner Bros. will get their money back on this film. Running off of Jason Momoa’s name, it might get them that $160 Million return and more but more importantly will DC fans like myself actually like the movie.

Are you going to see Aquaman in theaters?

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