Big meets bigger: Rampage Movie


The Rock has yet another action blockbuster under his belt and it’s a movie about characters from one of our favorite childhood video game Rampage. I got the chance to see a advance screening of the movie earlier this week with Alice and have to say it was a short movie but the action picked up quicker than I thought. Although I have some mixed feelings about the movie not giving the other characters from the game more screentime I did enjoy the movie because of the characters and their witty banter with eachother.
The Rock plays a primatologist named Davis Okoye and he handles George a albino gorilla, the same gorilla in the trailer and the images in this post he’s literally the star of the movie. The main focus of the movie is centered around George the gorilla and Davis Okoye, you can see how their fun loving relationship is at the beginning of the movie and how it plays throughout.

Images via Warner Bros.

George is the main focus because of Davis but the 30ft Wolf named Ralph and dinosaur crocodile named Lizzie were very impressive and had so many other aspects to them other than growing to their enormous size. The damn wolf can fly, and I have to give a shout out to Joe Maganello’s character Burke for his short lived role in this movie because him and his team met Ralph right after he got gassed by the mutation serum, I thought he would last throughout the movie and I was kind of disappointed he didn’t then again who survived a giant wolf.

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I felt as though Ralph and Lizzie could have had some more screentime, throughout the movie we see a few solo scenes of them to see what they created with the visual effects. Ralph and Lizzie has a few fight scenes but it could me just wanting to see more of them. Ralph is a 30ft wolf that has porcupine spikes on his back and I have so many questions about the mutations and none were answered in this movie. As far as I know they aren’t ancestors and the crocodile Lizzie had the tail of a dinosaur named Ankylosaurus which made me love what they did with her since that mutation makes sense and she had so many rows of teeth that I would have loved if Ralph and Lizzie had a little more solo scenes destroying the city to see what they can do. George was nothing special he was just a bigger gorilla, a albino King Kong and that was nothing much since they went all out for the wolf and crocodile I thought they would want to show them off as often as they did George.

Images via Warner Bros.

Overall if you want to see The Rock do his witty comebacks and see Jefferey Dean Morgan sneak some Negan into this cowboy government agent character that he plays, you should make your way to the theater to see it. As usual everyone is going to compare the movie to the game and have all kinds of things to say instead of just enjoying the movie, it’s a entertaining movie bringing characters from a game to life.

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