Us Not Them – Laze Cartel


Laze’s Love of Money (Mixtape) dropped on May 2, 2017.  This is first visual from his most recent project.
 I mentioned this before but one of the things I really loved about BBC (Brick City Cartel) collective is that their projects tend to be a family affair.  And Us Not Them is just that.
Laze on the mic, delivering fun and vibe oriented lyrics.  OwlListen on production, he is an in-house producer( composer).  The music video was directed by their very own CH.

The music and video also edited by Laze.
Us Not Them, is a celebratory song.  Bigging up the team’s comradery and also work ethic. Highlighting the fact that, their squad is unlike any other.  Like we’re here now, and we bust our ass to get here. The struggle was real and this still.  So while we’re showing off, we’re grateful.

I found this humbling as much as it was fun.

But check it out and let me know what you think?

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  1. I gotta admit Laze is pretty good his flow is great and the beat was amazing. I feel like the group he’s with is probably going to be like Raider Klan or Buffet Boys I’ll definitely keep my eyes on him.

    1. Its always cool watching artist come into their own. Even cooler when you know them. Lol but definitely interesting seeing bbc branch out. I look forward to seeing more growth. Thanks for dropping by.

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