Land Ain't Loving Me- AnnMarie Fox



This is her second single off her up and coming project titled I.AM.Superior Vixen.  Based on the cover art, which I assume is her Superheroine alias.   The cover art for this song is quite fitting.  With our current political climate in the States, this is a song that we all need to hear.
As always, Red Fox delivers stunning vocals.  Compelling lyrics and a beautiful video to match.  Land Ain’t loving Me feels like an old-time country hit.  Examples: Country Road by John Denver or This Land is your Land by Union Boys. With a testimony similar to Mississippi Goddamn by late great Nina Simone. And while it feels old, vocally it also feels modern.

Fox manages to address uncomfortable topics with ease.  For so many people, these feelings are true and hit too close to home.  What better way to deliver a testimony than through music?

Fox even takes it a step further? And offers a remedy all of the hate? LOVE!

Delivered in Super Hero Fashion.  Pure Dopeness.

Superior Vixen is definitely about change.  So where do you stand?

Check it out and let me know what you think?

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