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I recently finished watching an anime called The Royal Tutor also known as Ōshitsu Kyōshi Heine 王室教師ハイネ and it turned out to be a really good show. I enjoyed the comedy and drama in the show. The characters are funny and all of them have unique personalities. Heine is my favorite character in the show because of his child-like appearance and his grown man voice. Heine was what had me hooked onto the show. Heine reminds me a lot of Sebastian from Black Butler with his mature attitude and his sense of humor.

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Heine Wittgenstein was summoned by the King to train the four young Royal Prince’s of Glanzreich: Kai, Bruno, Licht, and Leonard to become suitable candidates to the throne. Heine faces many challenges in tutoring all the princes due to their complicated personality which, in the past have caused every other tutor they had to quit. Heine must work with the princes and simultaneously keep them from finding out his secret past.
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Each of the princes has their own unique attitude. Kai the oldest prince is known as the “Glaring Prince”. Everyone knows him for being scary and aloof but he loves cute things. Kai is also known for his glaring and because of it, people are wary of him.

Related imageThe second oldest Prince Bruno is known as the “Browbeating Brainiac Prince”. He is highly intelligent and considered a child prodigy. Bruno is stubborn and believes that no one is smarter than him until meeting Heine. Heine proved that he is more intelligent than Bruno and he now calls him master.
Related imageThe third Prince Leonhard also known as the “Everest Pride Prince” who considers himself the most handsome person in the world. Leonhard is very prideful and but acts very childish. Whenever he comes across a problem he does not want to face he runs away. Out of all his brothers is the least intelligent. He hated studying but his demeanor began to slowly change after he met Heine.
Related imageThe youngest Prince is known as the “Playboy Prince”  who is nothing but a womanizer. Unlike his brother,  he has a life outside the palace, he works.  Licht showed no interest in his birthright but his outlook changed after meeting Heine. Heine helped him see how much he loved the people of his country.
Each Prince is unique in their struggle and Heine has to make them all into King quality candidates which is pretty fun to watch throughout the series.
It is a really good anime to watch especially if you like Prince’s. The animation is good and so is the storyline. I would really like to see a second season. I would not mind a little romance but, my main thing is I want to know who is the mysterious first prince. There is not a lot of information in the story about him. He does make a small appearance in the end but it very brief.
If you want to follow-up more thoroughly look into the manga series. I also really liked the ending theme. Here is a clip of the P4. I can totally see them playing them in a live action drama.

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