Revisiting: Princess Jellyfish (Kurage hime)


Princess Jellyfish follows 18-year-old Tsukimi Kurashita who recently moved to Tokyo to pursue her dream of being an illustrator.  One evening, while visiting a local pet shop. She encounters a lovely young woman who comes to her rescue. Tsukimi soon learns that the Princess who rescued her wasn’t really a princess at all, She was really a Man. Kuranosuke Koibuchi, the youngest son of a political family.  From then on, Tsukimi’s and her housemate’s lives were flipped upside down.

For perspective, I watched for the first time 5 years ago.  I’ve watched both the subbed and dubbed versions. But this time around, I really don’t have a preference. FUNimation did I pretty good job with this dub.  As far as voice overs go and the dialog was pretty interested though some of the references might be a bit outdated.  But still fun stuff none the less.  First up, Tsukimi.

Tsukimi Kurashita

First thoughts, this kid a messy.  And what I mean by messy? She is all over the place.  She just can’t keep it together. You can’t help but feel bad for her as the story progresses.  Now, the consensus is still the same. Though I realized that frantic behavior is probably part of her natural personality but there is still something about Kuranosuke heightens it.   To be honest, the fact that he’s a man and appears as a pretty woman kinda warrants that. But, I felt like this should be noted.

Her angsty behavior is ridiculous. I know what it’s like to excessively ponder matters that you have no control over.  I live in my head.  I think a lot, so I know how it easy it is to worry yourself and beat yourself down when things don’t pan out. But not to the level where self-deprecation is so natural that you don’t even think twice about what you’re internalizing and putting forth in the world.  Thoughts have power!
To me, this is what makes Tsukimi a likable and relatable character. The reason she feels so real. We’ve all experienced doubts or pressures. And even though all the bullshit, she’s kind and gentle.  And puts her best foot forward even when she’s forced to but she shows up.  And that my friends is admirable.

My first thoughts on Kuranosuke a.k.a Kuroko, this guy is also messy. The fact that he really is that pretty freaked me out at first.  Hair and makeup can really transform a person.  But to be fair, he was already a good look man. In his case, he was just enhancement rather than a transformation. But yeah, he was genuinely nice and eventually grew on me.

Fast forward to now,  I have similar feelings but I’m now realizing how much of an asshole he really is.  He selflessly enforces his will on the Amars.  More so Tsukimi, then anyone else.  He also very manipulative. He knows how to play on his strength really well.  Dude would make a great politician which ironic because he’s running from it.
Overall, I think through all the ridiculousness he brings into the picture. His means well. Entertaining himself eventually becomes all about saving Amamizukan.  I. E Tsukimi, though he would never admit to this out loud.

Jiji, Banba, Mayaya and Chieko

My first thoughts,  The Amars are a clique of crazy Otaku.  But in actuality, the only crazy one is Mayaya. She was utterly off the walls.  I didn’t fully absorb how crazy she was until watching the dubbed version.  And while I can see how her dramatic behavior can be a turn-off. I find it’s hysterical.  She low key reminds me of Alice. LOL
Then we have Chieko. The Queen of the Kimono.  Out of all of the Amars. She is the most sensible.  She runs a business and is in charge of the boarding house they stay in.  Which is probably why she is the most sensible.  Or maybe it because she needs to balance out the rest of the characters.

Then their Banba, Aka Afro. My favorite Amar member.  She legit has a smart ass mouth which in my initial time watching, I didn’t quite pick up on. She is also hysterical.
Lastly, We have Jiji aka the old man slayer. That shit is also hysterical. She likes to watch old men.  Like old ass men, with gray hair and all.  It not even liking the old men that’s bugged out part. It’s the fact they always make a point to point that out. She frequents a maid cafe, for a particular older gentleman.  She doesn’t even want to bag, she like that watching. That’s kinda creepy.  Kuranosuke even uses that to his advantage.
How haven’t they figured out that Kuroko is a boy?  He calls himself a boy. They heard his bassy ass voice and even saw him shirtless.  Like no one is that fucking stupid.  The fact that they aren’t slightly suspicious baffles me.

Kuranosuke is makes a pretty ass girl but this is Japan.  Males with feminine features isn’t a foreign concept, especially to otaku.  So, I’m still a little confused but clearly, they are that naive. I think their lack of doubt stems from their trust in Tsukimi.  That’s pretty cool but at the same time, that’s sheep like behavior. Come on ya’ll got to do better.

Shu Koibuchi

One more thing before I wrap this up, Shu, Kuranosuke’s older brother is a fuck boy. Initially, I thought he was a decent guy. Just a little misguided because of a bad experience as a child and lack of experience with intimacy.

The fact that he can’t recognize Tsukimi, when she isn’t all dolled up is crazy.   Not only does he not recognize her, he like she disgusting which shows his true colors.  I’m not even going to touch base on his delusional actions.  Nah Tsukimi, you can do so much better.

Here’s the kicker. Not only does he not recognize her, but he’s disgusted but mere site of her which shows his true colors.  I’m not even going to touch base on his delusional actions.  Nah Tsukimi, you can do so much better.
This the end of my reflection.  For those curious, I already caught up on the manga.

 Here my thoughts on the live action version.

So have you watch Princess Jellyfish? If so, who is your favorite character and why?

Thoughts? Post below.

                                                                      Thank you.

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