Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boy


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Girl Power!! If you’re interested in watching an anime about a girl kicking ass, this is for you. Hinako is a pretty Yankee- no other way to put it. She really does fight like a man, her skills are undeniable. She is like the female Bruce Lee. I admire her strength,  determination and willingness to prove that she is strong.
This anime is based on game Kenka Bancho Otome for the PlayStation Vita. The best part about this anime is that she is surrounded by good-looking guys.  Which interestingly enough,  they started out as rivals, she had to beat them up first. The episodes are short, they run at about up to 8 minutes each. And still, It is a very good to watch.
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The story begins with Hinako Nakayama, an orphan heroine who accidentally bumps into her twin brother Hikaru.  Hikaru is now the son of a powerful Yakuza family Onigashima. Her brother convinces her to switch places with him and attend at Shishiku Academy.  Shishiku is an all boys private school known for delinquents. Because of his family, Hikaru is obligated to become the leader of the school but Hinako still agrees. Now Hinako must hide her identity from everyone and fight the grade leaders until she takes control of the school full of handsome boys. It won’t be easy. All the boys at this school talk with their fists and she must conquer them all. Hinako will have to fight her way to the top.

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