You’ll Love Buddy Daddies!


Buddy Daddies is a cute comedy anime to keep you laughing through the series. The anime series comprises 12 episodes full of laughs and emotional roller coasters dealing with the characters. It’s what I like to call a one-shot series because we don’t need it to continue. We’ve already been through the bickering and banter that made us love the characters. I adored the main characters, Kazuki, Rei, and the cutest baby girl, Miri. I thought the series showed so many aspects of human nature and on-the-spot thinking is so relatable. I’d be in the same position they were in if it happened to me.

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I enjoyed the series so much because Miri kept them on their toes. Kazuki and Rei had to figure out the balance between work and taking care of this random kid. In the first episode, I just kept saying, “Give that baby back to her mama.” I have a strong dislike for Miri’s mother. Whom I will not name because of the way we were introduced to her. She sent a 4-year-old Miri to an unknown city gave her the address on a paper and said, “Go to your daddy.”. A mother did this, and if Kazuki and Rei weren’t there for work I’m not even sure what would have happened to her.

Kazuki and Rei being hitmen is the most chaotic part of this series. Their job gets in the way of everything dealing with Miri, but Kazuki has such a soft heart. I love a cute softie that’ll do anything to make kids happy. The whole premise of the series is weird, but as you watch, that slowly fades, and you just start rooting for Kazuki and Rei.

Going into backstories is when the real emotional roller coaster happens, and you see why they are like this now. Rei has issues with wanting to distance himself from his father. Kazuki has this huge guilt weighing on him about the death of the love of his life.

As I was watching these episodes, I felt so sad for both of them and how life must have been so rough to navigate. I like to think they partnered up because they just complement each other. Kazuki gets to do things that keep his mind off things like cooking, and Rei loves to eat. As for Rei, Kazuki is a completely different personality to be around. I could be thinking too deeply, but we will never know.

I think the animation was really good, especially the character development. I loved the opening music and the intro shows the personality of the series. I will say this ended damn near perfectly for me. I love that they ended things with everyone growing older together. I don’t know if they ever told Miri the truth about everything that happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just told her about her mother and left it like that.

One episode that threw me for a loop. In episode 7, it’s a backstory episode, and while Kazuki is walking in the background, you see the Confederate flag. I paused the episode and looked at it with confusion because why would this even be here? That’s so random. I looked online to see if there was a reason but everyone was just as confused. At least I’m not the only one questioning why that would be here.

I would recommend this series to anyone who wants a cute one-and-done series that will just boost your spirits during this time of the year. It’s a perfect anime to watch while we’re in the winter season. I’m going to set the scene for you: It’s nice and cold outside. Winter is at its peak right now, and you have your heat on, so your home is toasty. You make yourself some hot chocolate, get a blanket to cover your feet, and put Buddy Daddies on to witness Santa Kazuki and Miri’s Cuteness overload. Thank me later!

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