The Lion King Live-Action Movie


Last week I took the time to go and check out the most talked-about Disney remake of the year. I’m a huge fan of nostalgia and The remakes that are happening are right up my alley when it comes to bringing back good childhood memories. I’m a huge fan of the animated Lion King, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. I’ve watched the movie over a million times by now I watch it a few time out of the year.

I wanted to watch the live-action version as a way to just feel into my nostalgic urge for remakes. I went in with an open mind because I didn’t like the trailer or the soundtrack. I got a few issues with Beyonce’s acting skills and voice acting skills so that was another problem all in itself but I still made my way to the theater and sat through this movie.

The Lion King has beautifully shot the lions looked so beautifully done with CGI and the scenery was breathtaking. I saw the movie in the standard format I can just imagine how 3D or IMAX felt if I got that feeling about it in regular 2D format. The movie all in itself was beautifully done I just got some things to nitpick as a fan of the animated version. Jon Favreau the director of the film did a great job he also directed Jungle Book which was amazing so I really thought I was going to have the same loving feeling I did leave Jungle Book.

My first issue was the soundtrack, I found out Hans Zimmer and Pharell is the producers for the soundtrack and I was disappointed with how they let the big duet between Simba and Nala come out like that. I have an issue with Beyonce being louder than Glover on the “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” track. To me Glover sounds like a background singer while Beyonce is Beyonce, She’s far too loud for a song that’s meant to be a duet between the two. My biggest and only issue with the soundtrack was this track.

I’ve listened to the original one so many times and never felt like any of the singers overpowered another. The choir-like singing on the original should have been the only thing higher than everyone. I’m not professionally trained on music or anything like that but I listen to music every day of my life and replay Disney soundtracks on a regular basis to know how duets should sound to my ears.

All the actors did an amazing job even Beyonce and I’ll elaborate a little bit more about it. I’m a Beyonce fan but acting isn’t one of her strong talents, she gives it all she got and I’m proud of her for that. I’m not alone with this feeling about Beyonce’s acting skills and I’d like to thank the internet for that. Overall this remake was good but they took out the scene between Rafiki and Simba when they are alone after they see Mufasa again. This was an important scene that really woke Simba up to go back to Pride Rock to be the hero of the day.

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