Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival: Program F



On Sunday, August 25, Drey, and I attended the Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival. Founded by Katy-May Hudson. BWFF is committed to promoting unique voicing through the support of independent storytellers.  We were able to attend screenings for Program F and Program G.  With this one,  I will be discussing Program F, which featured seven films.

Mi Madre, My Father by Michelle Morgan. MMMF is a 16-minute short film about the day in the life of a six-year-old girl named Valentina and how she deals with the life she is currently living in.

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Sophia Bank’s Unregistered is 15-minute futuristic love story starring Trevor Jackson and Dylan Penn. Set in a timeline where the law limits one child per family. After witnessing a younger boy being taken away because he’s the “second child.”  Rekker (Trevor Jackson) begins to question their way of life.

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Baby is a 15-minute short film by Peruvian Director Thais Drassinower. Follows a 19-year-old College Student named Lia who returns home for her Grandmother’s Birthday. Due to a series of unexpected events, she learns a harsh lesson(s).

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To my surprise, there were also two animated films up on the docket. The first one was from the director and animator Stella Rosen.  A 6 minute short titled Shell.  This film featured aliens, space travel, and cute anthropomorphic like a protagonist.  It was quirky and a little hard to put into words but entertaining none the less.                 

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The second animated short was called Happy Womanhood by Juwon Jun. It was about a young girl who would is dread to become growing up.  She comes to realize that she can’t do anything about it.  So she accepts it!                                                                                            |Vimeo|

Touch Me is 20-minute short film By Eileen Byrne from Germany.  Touch Me was intense!  It was about a woman named Alice and her day to day dealing with her a breast cancer diagnoses. Seeking comfort in her lover Moritz, who is also struggling.


Program F ended on a lighter note with a title called It’s Been Too Long by Amber Schaefer.  It was an 8-minute comedy short between a former couple who reminiscing during a cabin rendezvous.   It’s absurd!  I’m not much into crude humor but definitely got quite a few chuckles out of me.

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At the end of the program, we were able to sit through a Q and A session featuring crew members from the films.  This allowed us to learn a little bit more about these amazing films and the people behind them.

My favorite film from this program was Shell, but the most memorable was Touch Me.

Thank you to the Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival for allowing us to attend.

Stay tuned for Program G.

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