Tech Spotlight: Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch is the most anticipated game console of 2017, after a short video released back in October. This sneak peek got a lot of us excited about this new console. I might just skip getting the Nintendo 3DS and just go over to the Switch and call it a day. The Nintendo Switch goes on sale March 3, 2017  which is a skip away as fast as this year is already going by with a starting price $299.99.

When rumors of the Switch started going around the internet, it made me excited for a new Nintendo system and the way the presentation went last week I’m really excited to play at home and pause my game and continue on the road. That’s the most exciting part to me, I’m really excited about a few of the games that will be coming out with the Switch and later on in the year.

There was an hour-long Nintendo Switch Presentation 

After this presentation I already knew what games I wanted to get and the release dates of a few is what is getting to me, I had high hopes that Super Mario Odyssey was going to be one of the games coming out on release date but that is going to come out Holiday season 2017. No harm done because The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes out on The Switch release date which will keep me busy for a while. These two are my absolute top games that I’m waiting to play on the switch, I’m also excited about the other games Nintendo is working on. Imagine playing Smash Bros. on the Switch’s Joy-Con with a friend or with the multiplayer feature, There’s so much to do with a multiplayer feature that can hold 8 players.

The 1-2-Switch, Arms and Splatoon 2 looks like a very fun multiplayer game and I really look forward to playing these games as far as we know all these games come out during the spring and summer. When these trailers came on it showed a new variety of gameplay and just showed how innovative Nintendo has and will always be.

nintendoswitch_hardware-0-0After watching the presentation talk of the battery life came up and I thought i wouldn’t care much about it because I usually walk around with a power bank but the battery life for the Switch is only 6 hours and it depends on what games you’re playing that can make it even less power. Zelda was the only game that they mentioned battery life while playing this game the Switch will last just 3 hours. That is probably the only con until we actually get to play the Switch, I would have thought the battery life would have been around 8 – 10 hours on one charge.
So far I don’t think that should hurt any sales, I wanted to pre-order the Switch but I saw Image result for nintendo switchthe colors and a few skins for the Switch and I want to wait it out to see if any more colors come out or if anything happens they can get their kinks out before I come along and purchase. I’m probably going to pre-order knowing that I really want this and hope they come out with a few skins that I can change the look of my Switch.

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