I’ve been a MARVEL VS. CAPCOM fan ever since I played MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2.  I loved this game so much that I bought a second copy for my Xbox 360.  And I played it all the time.  I didn’t even hop right on part 3 when it came out.  I waited for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to drop before I transitioned over.  And boy, did I  love that game.  I suck at fighting games, video games in general but I would play it for hours on end. When I heard about MARVEL VS. CAPCOM: INFINITE, I was excited.

I’m was late to the party, so I heard mostly negative opinions. But I’m the typo of person who likes to form their own opinion.  So I downloaded the demo on my PlayStation 4 and gave it a whirl.

Aside from the heavy HD visuals, One the first thing I noticed were the character designs. Captain American, in particular, looked crazy.  From behind, it looks like homie doesn’t even have a neck. Just head and shoulders.  Captain HULK! CAPCOM has a track record of making their characters designs abnormally muscular.  Chun Li and Cammy’s legs have always been on the bigger side but they have managed to make it fit with their body type.  Same goes with Ryu and Ken’s gigantic biceps.  But this time around, I don’t know what happened.

These are just observations, something I noticed after reflecting on everything.  But more than anything, what irked me the most was the switch from a three-man squad to two man squad. That was what made this game as fun as it was.  In that regard, I am very disappointed.

What I will say? The gameplay felt really smooth.  So that was definitely something MVC: Infinite has going for it.  But at this point, I lost interest.
So what did out think of the new MARVEL VS CAPCOM game so far?

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