Soulcial Sunday – Spotify Playlist Week 17


This is the last 2 weeks of March and so far the best month of 2019. We are rooting for all of you to keep pushing and following your dreams and goals. It’s very important to live a life you want and starting it at this time in your life means you’re ready for what is coming next.

We’ve been thinking alot about the future of our brand. Going back and forth with some of our projects we’re  currently working on. Having to scrap some and start from square one has discouraged us but also made us challenge ourselves to be even more creative. Nothing should stop you from creatively expressing yourself through your work.

We’ve been a little slow on keeping up with our blog since we’re focusing on so many different things to grow our brand. We’re working on making time for everything but posts will still come out every week just not as many as we usually post.

We started a series and haven’t finalized the title yet but its called Press Play. Press Play is a new series we’ve started about music and other types of audio on Tuesdays. The name is still growing on us but for now, this title will do.

We already 2 posts for this series and many more to come.


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