Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all the brave Men and Women that fought for this country. It’s also the last days of fleet week too it’s a big celebration in NYC.
Now NYCC is coming up and this year they are doing Fan Verification profiles and you need to fill one out in order to purchase tickets later on. Now the deadline to sign up is June 13th so I suggest you do so sooner than later.
Here’s the link for more information about the Fan Verification and how to sign up.
In case you missed it:

We’ve been losing our motivation for the last couple of weeks and it took us a little time to bring it back up and get back on track with everything we want to do.
We want you guys to know it’s ok to lose motivation it happens to everyone but staying in that rut shouldn’t be your only option keep your spirits up and stay on track.

Dream Fearlessly with Never Ending Possibilities.


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