We’ve made it another year! This year has been one of our best years with all the content we were able to get out and all the adventures we had at every convention we were able to attend thru out the year. Our year was full of fun, hard work and we’re happy to welcome a new year with all of you.

We’re looking forward to 2018, we have so much to work even harder for since majority of 2017 was great for us and added more motivation than before there is still the looming decision about Net Neutrality which will impact us but will not stop us from making our dream of seeing SDE become a successful business. Hopefully, the US government will be in favor of the people and we’ll be able to easily get our content out to the world-wide-web. As this is one of the moments that will make 2017 memorable living in America.
This new year is a fresh start for more opportunities to come our way and we expect everyone to work on their goals for the year, manifest your dreams and accomplish them before the year ends. There’s a lot to say when writing year wraps up posts but we want this to be short and sweet.

Take 2018 to as a chance to accomplish everything you didn’t get done in 2017 this is your chance to actually complete what you’ve been saying you’re going to do all year or if you’re like me for the past few years I’ve had goals I haven’t gotten to because I’ve been pushing it further back to accomplish smaller goals. This year let’s make 2018 the year our big goals get done so we can get the hard part over with and move forward.
We want to wish all of you a Happy New Year with many blessings, This year has unlimited possibilities don’t block your blessing make sure you’re living life for you. Do what you love, create what you want and most of all have fun while doing it all.

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