Soulcial Sunday – Women's History Month


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As Black History Month comes to an end we start to roll into March which is Women’s History Month we decided to do a challenge. Over the 31 days of March each day we will post a woman who has influenced us in some way or another, This woman will be from an Anime, Comic, TV Show, Movie, Personal Life and more. For the month of March, we will celebrate women in all their glory.

February has been a busy month for us outside of the blog and we continue to be grateful for all of your continuous support. I believe its safe to say Black History Month 2018 has lived up to its hype and we hope 2019 can top it. Black Panther being one of the biggest anticipations of this month can help contribute to it as well as pop culture and all of its shenanigans. There was so much Black Pride this month alone it has made us so happy to see Black children being proud of themselves and the self-love is a whole other thing to be excited to see in the next coming years.

I hope all of this Black Positivity has motivated Black Creators to push for their projects to be seen by the world. We will continue to support Black Creators from all fields throughout the year to keep this Black Pride growing.
We as Black People have been through a lot as a whole and still going through it hopefully, this year we can change for the better and continue to prosper as a community. Let’s make this year our year like we do every year! Nothing can stop you from going after the life you dream of, hard work and determination will get you to where you want to be.

I want to take a few words to address the reality we face in America with the death of many each and every day. America has an issue with race, guns, money the list can go on forever. Living in America and constantly seeing death every time you wake up gets tiring and depressing. It’s like an endless circle of half-ass sympathy given from the American Government to its people every time a tragedy happens that could have been avoided if they cared to do their jobs.

Our heart aches to hear of more mass shootings and Government leaders not showing any compassion or motive to want to change anything. Our thoughts and prayers are with the ones who lost their lives and with the survivors of any of the tragedies that have happened just 2 months into the new year. America needs to do better and it starts with our generation and future generations to keep fighting for what we believe in when it comes to our rights and survival in this world.

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