This weekend will be Anime NYC and we will be covering the event as press this year again. We always have so much fun at each con we visit. This year has been a wonderful year for us so far we’ve gotten so many of our goals accomplished and made new ones we want to reach.

This past Friday November 8th was our 4 year anniversary on wordpress and we didn’t really celebrate it. We’ve been so busy that it came and went but we had to acknowledge that our hard work is getting older and growing with us.

Back onto Anime NYC, this week we will be promo for the con writing up posts about guests and expectations of Anime NYC. This will most likely be our last con of the year, We’ve been talking about starting our con season earlier and go to cons that happen earlier in the year to fill out the entire year for us.

We’ll be active on all of our social media over this weekend to show what we usually catch at the con.

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