This is the first Soulcial Sunday of 2019. We have been super busy putting together a lot of projects we want to come out this year. This year is going to be bigger than last for us and it’s going to be very special for us as well. Firstly let’s say our late Happy New Year wishes and Happy Black History Month and Hopefully, everyone’s Valentines Day was a good one.

A big Thank You to everyone that supports our content!

We’ve been working on merchandise for a while alongside our other projects and this will be the first to come out. We would like to introduce our clothing brand L F D E. The brand is named after our tagline. Live Fearlessly, Dream Extraordinary.

We’ve been working on making this clothing brand to combine our love for nerd culture into trendy fashion statements. We put a lot of time into this and our online store will be going up very soon.

We have so much we want to do and working one project at a time. We’ll be updating our website pretty soon as well and making it a lot more to our liking and better content. Our goal this year is to produce a lot of quality content that can build our platform and help up move in the direction we want SDE to go in.

We’ll be debuting our new logo as well. This one was hard to choose since we had so many different choices. Our new logo is just the start of this Soulcial Experience we’re putting together. Our logo is just as vibrant as we are, with this new look and new content we’re happy how everything is going so far. Our dreams for SDE are coming alive and it’s amazing to watch.

We’ll be putting ourselves out there more and inviting more people to step out of their comfort zones. We plan to do a lot of cons this year if we can, some new and some of our favorites we love to visit each year. We are excited to do all these new things with our brand and blog. The new content we’re creating is also very exciting for us and we hope all of you will love it.

With that being said after this lengthy post we’re happy and excited for 2019 and we can’t wait to see all of your new content as well and you all have our support! We’re working on being more proactive in the community we got busy and it took us away from reading all the content on our timeline.

We’re just 2 dreamers learning as we go and we’re proud of ourselves as well as all of you taking a chance on working on what makes you happy. Your dreams and goals should be a top priority in life and we hope you work towards them every day. Live this life with no regrets and push yourself to create the life you want to live.

Join us this year by jumping out of your comfort zone and create what you want to see.

Cheers to 2019 being our year!


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