Captain America: Civil War


This movie has been out for 3 weeks now and I’m just seeing it after all the hype has died down and I have to say I did enjoy the parts where Black Panther made it on screen. All the fighting scenes we’re the best parts other than that the story didn’t really do anything for me because it literally took this long for someone to FINALLY call out superheros for destroying cities and killing innocent civilians. That was long overdue, it should have been said long ago.

Now the whole world law thing that monitors superheros sounded like something to argue over not fight but when evil mastermind Baron comes in and blows up the the building where the U.N meeting took place and killing Black Panther’s father King T’Challa which then sets off the hunt for Bucky. Baron setting this hole thing up was a really good plot because they caught on too late and when he showed Stark the video of his parents being killed by Bucky setting off the fight between Ironman vs Bucky and Captain America. Now as unfair as that fight was I’m gonna give it to Stark for pushing through and ripping off Bucky’s arm I though Cap and Bucky had it since they we’re teaming up.

Black Panther going after bucky non stop was one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen it was going off on sight and that’s how a real fight is suppose to be reminds me of kim possible and shego. Anyone that stood in the way got moved and that’s what I love about action scenes between enemies. Now when Black Panther came to realize that vengeance was taking over he forgave Bucky, that’s when I knew he was the bigger person and knew his place as king.

Now let me mention Black Widow flip flopping sides I never liked her anyway but I lost that last bit of respect I had for her and this “move or be moved” scene was so beautiful. Actress Florence Kasumba is so beautiful and stole the whole scene with just one line.

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