This K- drama series came out in 2014. Pinocchio is a drama about journalism and the trails and tribulations of revealing the truth about everyday stories. The two main characters are In-Ha ( Park Shin-Hye) and Ha-Myeong ( Lee Jong-Suk) The two pictured above. In-Ha has a Pinocchio disease which makes it impossible for her to lie, whenever she does she hiccups. The story is a love story about a adopted uncle and niece falling in love. That sounds crazy they are not related and know they aren’t but they we’re still raised to call each other uncle and niece majority of their lives.

The story starts off with seeing a happy family with a stay at home mom, 2 sons and a father who is a firefighter. The father is killed on duty when a factory that caught fire explodes killing him and other firefighters. Their life began to spiral out of control when a man who claims he is a Pinocchio says he saw Ha-Myeong father walking home.

Everyone believes this mans store which leads to the media hounding the family and the family getting death threats from other families that we’re grieving. The mother takes her youngest son to the cliff to commit suicide and the oldest son is left to feel the aftermath of losing his entire family and dealing with the rest of the media scrutiny. Ha-Myeong is later found floating on in the ocean by an old man who is In-Ha’s grandfather. The grandfather is suffering from some mental illness (I don’t remember if they ever said it) It causes memory loss.

The Grandfather believes Ha-Myeong is his oldest son who did in the ocean 40 years ago and so he adopts him and Ha-Myeong takes in the dead son’s name Dal-Pol erase his past and create a new identity. The rest of the story is played out when they are in their last year of high school and thinking of plans for the future. In-Ha mother is the famous news reporter Song Cha-ok and also the reporter that started the media scrutiny that Dal-Po family went through. Dal-Po made a choice to join In-Ha in her journey to become a journalist to show the world the truth of everything his family has been through and all the lies the news has told over the years. His mission was to bring down In-Ha’s mother and it turned into a hatred for lies being told through the media and him making it right.

The show overall is pretty good I could be saying that because Park Shin-Hye is in it and she is one of my bias but I did enjoy the ups and downs and Ha-Myeong coming into his own.

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