One More Time (Netflix Original)


One More Time is South Korean Mini Drama released exclusively on Netflix in 2016. This eight episode series follows 27 year old Han who is a aspiring singer-songwriter in a rock band. Due to some unexpected circumstances he gets sucked into a time loop and is forced to watch his estranged girlfriend die over and over again.


This series was sad as fuck. I binged the entire series in one sitting. It keep me on the edge of my seat this entire time. Usually when I watch drama’s being pissed off is a way of being. But oddly enough, i didn’t come across anyone in this series that made me feel that way. I laughed at times. Smiled at others but sympathy was something that was constant the entire time.

Han seemed like an asshole at first. But as things, progressed he becomes likable even when alot of the flashback consisted of him showing his ass (not literally though). So I couldn’t help but feel bad for him

Da in, was likeable. When the show dived into her backstory and I was able to see her in a more well rounded light. I liked her. I came to respect her for her selflessness and resiliency. She went through so much.

There band mates were also pretty funny and they were for the most part comic relief. Where they did there job flawlessly. And other times, they provided support for Han whether he wanted it or not remained to be seen.


I also love how the Grim Reaper a.k.a Angel Demon role was played by a kid. That was something I never seen before and it worked really well. She had me chucking during moments when I maybe shouldn’t have been.

Most of all, I loved watching Han change throughout this entire ordeal. It was believable.
If your into drama, ones that get a little dark. This is one I would recommend. It’s short and sweet.

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