12 Days of Anime: Netflix’s Godzilla: City on The Edge of Battle


This a continuation of yesterday’s post 12 Days of Anime: Netflix’s Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. Godzilla: City on The Edge of Battle is part 2 of the series and it was so crazy that I really hope a part 3 comes out next year. I hate cliffhangers and this series really does have a great edge of your seat action then leaves a cliffhanger. Part 3 is going to be even bigger than this movie if Ghidorah shows up.

Spoilers Ahead!

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Godzilla: City of The Edge of Battle

I have a lot to process after watching this movie. I stayed up late to finish it because of yesterday’s post. I wanted to see what happens next and it was just crazy. I swear this series has so many twists that I’m starting to really like not being able to predict the next outcome. I do love a good suspense movie and Godzilla is taking it to new heights for me and I can’t wait for part 3 to come out.

At the start of the film, we see that humans did survive Godzilla for the past 20,000 years and live in an underground civilization they built. I already had a hunch that humans survived because it was bought up a few times in part 1. The indigenous Houtua Tribe is their name and they saw Godzilla as a God so they called him the rising mountain. They feared Godzilla because of what he can do. Human civilization has advanced so far that they used so form of telepathy to communicate with Haruo and his team.

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The Houtua Tribe Twins

There’s still some mystery to the Houtua Tribe because they mentioned an egg numerous times. The egg represents some sort of prophecy that wasn’t really explained. They just said that their God left behind an egg after being killed by Godzilla. The Houtua’s God is a mystery and I wonder if Ghidorah and he fled after defeat. That’s a real plot twist if that’s true.

Godzilla: The Planet Eater is part 3 of this series and it’s already out in Japan. Here’s the Official Website where you can see the trailer. I was just searching to cure my fix for Godzilla and found out part 3 is already out. I knew part 3 was coming because of the cliffhanger. I really thought this was it and Haruo and the team won the fight but Godzilla wasn’t having it and had to show everyone what its really made of.

Godzilla was like…

I thought we had him and then everything started going haywire and Godzilla was doing something with its body to heat itself up and its surroundings to over 1000 degrees. I felt it was too easy to kill him and with 20,000 years of living you have no choice but to have something up your sleeve. I was rooting for Haruo to win this because this meant so much to him and when it looked like he won they all cheered and so did I because I thought the movie was over.

I honestly thought it was about to cut to a scene of them celebrating their victory and getting to know the Houtua tribe they discovered at the beginning of the movie. I honestly was looking forward to Haruo and the team settling in on earth with the Houtua tribe and learning a new way to live but I was looking for a happy ending not what I thought once they realized Godzilla was playing dead for a few seconds.

It was a strong plan to look for Mecha Godzilla. It’s been 20,000 years so when they found Mecha Godzilla it expanded to the size of a city so its now called MechaGodzilla City. The Houtua Twins led them to Mecha Godzilla City, trying to figure out what their plan was to try and destroy Godzilla. It was huge and the technology they use is amazing to still be intact after so long. The plan was to lure Godzilla to the center of the city and kill it with the metal Mecha Godzilla was made of since The Houtua people have made poisonous arrows from the metal.

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I repeat it was a strong plan but only one person took in the fact that Godzilla has a 20,000-year advantage. This was Metphies, who is like Harou’s advisor. I like Metphies because he was very cautious when it came to a lot of things dealing with Godzilla. In this part, we find out Metphies isn’t from earth and his planet was destroyed by a bigger monster that he called Ghidorah. I was shocked to hear his name and even more shocked that humans were living on other planets before the monsters came. I really need a backstory of Metphies when part 3 comes out, I’m very curious about his beginnings and how he came to be on the space station.

One plot twist I didn’t think of was when some of the team started to go against Haruo and wanted to take over MechaGodzilla City. Two of the older members of the team that remembers when Godzilla first arrived 50 years ago started talking people into giving their bodies to fuel the city. I was shocked so many people actually did it and it could have possibly helped fuel the city and been able to get the team a chance to pierce Godzilla with harpoons. I didn’t think it would be them since they were on Haruo’s side from the beginning. I thought if someone was going to be two-faced it’d be Metphies since it usually always someone closest to you.

There are so many questions about the Houtua Tribe, Metphies past. I’m really want to know how humans survived Godzilla. There have to be more tribes in other areas if the earth is full of monsters similar to Godzilla. I’m also curious about the Egg that the Houtua Tribe mention and who is their god that Godzilla defeated. Part 3 will most likely come out after they do the dubbed and subbed versions. October is around the time both of these came out, I’ll be keeping my eye out for this so I can see how all this turns out.

Godzilla: City on The Edge of Battle

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