Negan Joins The King of The Iron Fist Tournament

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As always, I’m late to the party but the new DLC roster for Tekken 7 has fallen into my lap and I’m hyped as a motherfucker- I repeat hyped as a motherfucka. Tekken is one of my favorite gaming franchises and has been since I first laid my hands on Tekken 3 back early 2000’s.

I’ll start off with the biggest announcement.The Walking Dead : Negan devient un personnage de Tekken 7

Negan (The Walking Dead) joins the King of the Iron Fist Tournament. This was a super dope surprise. One that I would have never expected in a million years, I wasn’t even aware that they were adding any more playable characters to the roster, to begin with.  His introduction trailer was so badass, even though it was a carbon copy of a scene from season 6 or 7 of The Walking Dead. To have the moment replay in a digitized format was mind-blowing, I wasn’t ready.  From the looks to his mannerism, Bandai really did a good job capturing this character and embedding him into another universe.
After bringing Akuma (Street Fighter), the legendary demon into the mix and involving him in Canon, I didn’t think they would make anymore God Tier announcements. That raised the bar for special guests pretty high. Even bringing Final Fantasy 15 Noctis Caelum kinda paled in comparison, at least in my opinion, but he gets busy. In Season one, they even brought in Geese from Fatal Fury. The first roster has a quite a few pretty interesting choices and you mean to tell me, it only gets better with season two.

Julia Chung is one of my favorite characters, and out all the characters announced this was the one the got me most excited. Now I get to play with her and serve these hands on the interwebs. I’m going to be the one getting beaten but I think you catch my drift. I am mentally preparing myself for war as we speak. In the words of Tekken 3 Julia, “Spirits give me Strength” cuz I’ll definitely need it.

Other playable characters announced prior Craig Murdock. I’ve never been very fond of him but he’s a power hitter and solid add-on. Armor King, now teacher and student can be reunited. Not one of the favorites but still a fun character to play none the less.
Anna Williams, who is another character that I’ve never really been too fond of. On the flip side, the level of nostalgia is pretty cool. Then we have Lei Wulong, who’s super fun to play with even though I was never able to tap into his full potential. Maybe this time around it will be different.

Craig Murdock and Armor King are both available now. The released dates for Negan and Julia await in the horizon. I believe the same can be said for Anna and Lei.
Are you a Tekken fan? If so, what characters would you like to see in future releases?

I would like to see Gon or Jun Kazama

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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