Press Play: Jidenna – Long Live the Chief


This Music Spotlight is on Jidenna for the song I’m currently obsessed with “Long Live The Chief.”
I’m a huge fan of Janelle Monáe and when she introduced Wondaland Records I jumped on a few of the artist and Jidenna stuck with me each song I hear of his seems to be a hit with me and this song became my instant fave after hearing it on YouTube. I’m actually surprised that it’s not all over the radio because it’s a real banger and has some great lines that would really stick with people and make you realize Jidenna got bars!
This video was so classic and simple, the black and white aspect with the red spotlight was just the cherry on top. To see classic man dropping bars like this was something unexpected. The line that killed it for me was “Jidenna Why you Dressing so Classic?/ I Don’t Want My Best Dressed Day In A Casket” That line alone got me excited about the rest of whatever album he’s going to release.

I first heard Jidenna on Janelle’s Yoga and then I heard Classic Man and I caught on late to this song it’s been out for a while before I heard it and honestly I’m waiting patiently on a album already I want a full length album from Jidenna so I can see how far he can take us with his music. I see Jidenna going far and I hope he can get the shine he deserves this is talent waiting to be heard by the world.

In this Vevo Rhyme and Reason video Jidenna breaks down his last verse for us:

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