Manhwa Artist Spotlight: 9 Faces Of Love (Part 3 of 3)


1 of 7 Week Long Series Celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.

The rejection turned love story. Leucadian is a love story about two childhood friends that grew up together Chris and Maya we’re destined to be with each other at least that’s what Maya thought. She assumed Chris felt the same way she did as they grew into adults and when Chris talked about the woman he did love and what she wanted him to do to keep her, he ended their friendship and gave back a box full of memories to end everything. Maya traveled across the sea to go to the cliff named Leucadian to jump. As the legend says a woman who had her love rejected killed herself by jumping off this cliff and if you jump and survive your fall true love will find you. On her journey to the cliff Maya meets Lenny the man trying to help her reconsider jumping and to fall in love again.
Mint Flavor

 The story of 2 best friends trying to find the meaning to their love life. Sunjoo and Gia have been friends for 10 years and have been going through lovers throughout the their friendship until Sunjoo gets back from her vacation in Rome with her boyfriend that Gia starts feeling abandoned and starts to confess her feeling for Sunjoo and Sunjoo returns the feelings by breaking up with her boyfriend to forever go shopping with Gia and to vow to never have a boyfriend again.
A Flying Lesson

 When a Girl stumbles upon a egg and it hatches a boy with wings pops out and declares her his mother. This story is just like the life of a bird from egg to adulthood. She is a human and cannot fly nor teach him to so as their bond grows deeper as mother and child she begins to wonder if she doesn’t teach him how to fly will he remain with her forever. She seeks the guidance of a mysterious hood person to help her teach him how to fly and be a free bird. Little did she know after coming to the conclusion that she will let him go that many birds end up having a attachment to their mothers and never leave the nest.

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