Manhwa Artist Spotlight: 9 Faces Of Love (Part 2 of 3)


1 of 7 Week Long Series Celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.



The short story about robot love story about 2 female robots that we’re deemed faulty products so they are shipped outside the warehouse to work in the diamond district and help cut diamonds. Shaa and 1005 are the main characters of this story and as they spend time together in the warehouse Shaa and 1005 develop feelings for each other and Shaa is the first to confess. 1005 Gives Shaa a diamond to put in her chest to symbolize shes just as beautiful as a diamond. Shaa is killed during inspection for stealing from humans and 1005 loses herself and kills the humans carrying Shaa’s body. 1005 is on the run and ends up in a place where all the dreams she’s been having starts making sense, the man laying in front of her was her former lover and she had died in a plane crash he also tried to join her but was unsuccessful. She has someone else memories in her head and they have been replaying over and over now 1005 made the decision to be with Shaa by ending her life herself and the man’s life so they both could be with their loved ones.
This story was interesting to me how 1 body can harbor two different minds and still connect and share the same wants and beliefs for their lovers.
A Cold.


 This is a cute story about a couple that loved each other despite their differences and after their break up they still yearned to be with each other. He couldn’t get over the cold feeling the break up left him in so he calls her out of habit telling her he can’t shake the cold feeling he’s been having for the past 187 days.
Purple Eyes


 This short story is a supernatural one with curses and witches. Ruben is a teenage boy with purple eyes and psychic powers he goes on a road trip with his brother Dave and his brother’s girlfriend Pat they get lost on the way and end up in a deserted village far from the main road. Ruben is having visions about this abandoned place because his psychic abilities are connecting with the lost souls of the village. A mysterious man that lives near the village approaches them and leads them to his cabin to tell them the story of the village. Ruben encounters the tortured witch of this village and the souls of all the woman her age. The witch cursed the village that tortured and burned her to death that any woman that reaches her age will suffer and die the same way they watched her die. Pat is the witch’s age and the curse began as they tried to escape the curse by getting out the village Ruben is tapping into the witch memories and figures out who the mysterious man is and why he knew so much about the curse.
I advise reading this short story it did a twist of the plot I was expecting and one twist I didn’t even think would happen.
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