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A few weeks ago, I attended a class on Stop-Motion Animation.  Stop Motion animation is a technique used to bring objects to life on screen.  Examples of  Stop-Motion are claymation, objects and cutout animation.    


The workshop was split into two parts.  The first being the lecture component and the  second being the practical. We learned about techniques like shimmer, Materials used and styles of stop motion animations.  We also watched videos with commentary from professionals in the field.  Where they elaborated on their approach. Afterwards the class was able to take a crack at making their own mini film.

I gotta say, it takes a very meticulous person to be good at this.  The little details are so important.  I was able to get the gist of it very quickly. Luckily enough for me, I worked with a partner and I had someone to bounce ideas off of. And considering we had to create something on the fly, it turned out to be very helpful.

While playing our video for the class. I recorded it and planned on attaching it to this post.  But unfortunately I lost it when my phone broke last week.   Our video was basically a grand chase between a Lion,  Horse and a giant beetle. With a Pure Leaf Tea bottle as a backdrop.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  Either way,  I still had a pretty fun time.

Have you dabbled in Stop Motion? 

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3 thoughts on “Make a Stop-Motion Animation

  1. Stop motion is something that’s pretty interesting if it’s done right. An example would be Wallace & Gromit, it’s an old show. Hell even some of the stop motions on Youtube were good back in the day, unfortunately the style seems kinda limited.

    1. Definitely limited in comparison to cgi. But computers also have there limits. There a warmest about stop motion, a human element to it that I like. Even though it’s really hard to do well like you said

      1. True, each style has it’s pros and cons. I’d agree, that human element probably comes from the fact that more passion is put into it and it doesn’t feel the same way mainstream media feels.

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