Cosvoid Fall Cosplay Photoshoot 2019

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Cosvoid International is an organization founded March 8, 2018, to fill a need in the cosplay community. They host events, attend conventions, take photos, and video and share the content with the community and beyond.  As well as promoting, uplifting, and mentoring cosplayers within or outside of there network.  

Cosplay Photoshoot Cosvoid SDE
Avengers Assemble

Cosvoid events are all-inclusive and welcome people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Cosplay is for everyone, and at Cosvoid shoot, that’s precisely what you get. This was the third event that I was able to attend, and each time the numbers of attendees increased, and I understand why- Issa vibe.

Cosvoid DCUniverse SDE Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn x Green Lantern

This shoot was a universal theme, and attendees were able to cosplay as whatever they like.  Anime, Video Gaming, Comic characters, and other things pop culture. It was really something to see. So many smiling faces. People who might have not been embraced anywhere else. Together- taking pictures – just vibing.

Being relatively new to the group, I loved seeing the familiarity and comradery between everyone.  One of the coolest things was I never felt out of place.  I felt welcome. That really says a lot about the environment that Cosvoid crew curated. Cosvoid is really about it.

Cosvoid Dance Part - Fall Photoshoot 2019
Dance Party

Cosplay on deck:  We got a few Ninjas,  DC Heroes, and Disney Icons. Some gender bends, alterations for customizations, and even some closet cosplays.  These cosplayers came out to show out, and I was so here for it. There was dancing, mock fight scenes and of course music. The highlight of my night was when these little kids dropped by and took pictures with a few Spider folk around.   It really touched my heart.

The Cosvoid Fall Photoshoot was a super dope experience. It was the most fun I had in a long time. And I look forward to attending more events like this one. So thank you for the invitation.

Cosvoid SDE Cosplay New York

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