Love! Love! Fighting! by Sharean Morishita follows a bi-racial young woman named Orianna. After an unexpected encounter, she loses her job and is tricked by her cousin Krisa into returning home to South Korea.

Love! Love! Fighting!, illustration wise, feels very manga and manhwa esque. Even in the way the story unfolds, it feels like a cliche romance. If I’m being honest, that was exactly what I expected. In the beginning, I was convinced that’s’ all I would get! But ever so lightly, Morishita works her magic. Proving a familiar recipe with her own unique spin to it.

Orianna is not your typical female lead. Nor is she cliche black woman stereotypes we often see in fiction. She much more complex. She feels so much like a real person. We see her strength and her weakness. She’s independent and at times assertive. And even when she feels distressed, her kindness still shines through. That’s a very admirable quality. As the story progresses, we learn more about her as we watch her blossom.
Something else I really appreciate about this comics is the dialog. I love how the dialog between Kris and Orianna doesn’t feel forced. And even when slang is introduced, it feels natural . There not just doing it because it’s perceived as cool. This is just part of who they are.

Why should you check out Love! Love! Fighting!?

  1. The storyline is interesting and will make you laugh.
  2. Support Diversity. Orianna is African and Korean American. She is also an ignored body type. Representation really does matter.
  3. The artwork is pretty.
  4. Support Indie Comics
  5. It’s Free to read on her website. Who doesn’t like freebies?

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Love! Love! Fighting! (Comic/Manga)
Credits: S-Morishita’s Studio

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