Soulcial Sunday: Join in The 12 Days of Anime!

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This year Perpetual Morning has an open invitation for all bloggers to join in on the 12 Days of Anime. Last year we missed out on the festivities because we had a lot going on. But we will be participating this year and hopefully, some of you will join us and the many other bloggers participating.

12 Days of Anime will be a fun time. It’s a great way to curate content for your blog during a month that usually can be quite hectic.
December in the past has been pretty slow for us. We were looking for festive topic ideas related to the holiday season and saw this on our timeline, right on time.
We still working on ideas and don’t know what our topics are but we have until Friday, December 14th to make our final decisions and post.
The topics can range from Anime, Manga, TV Shows etc. Whatever you would like to write about for the 12 Days.
Happy blogging.

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