Who’s the best anime director(s)?  Is a question that often pops up in conversation.  And while these answers vary from person to person, They are often biased.  Think about it? Can you actually rate or rank creativity? There is some clear distinction between someone who is lacking vs someone who produces a lot but other than that.  There really isn’t a way to do so.

For me personally, I prefer asking questions like. What are your Top 5? Or which (blank) has influenced you the most.  These questions are more personal. People are less likely to try and disbute this.

So Liz, who are some of your favorite directors in the anime industry?

Hayao Miyazaki

First up, Hayao Miyazaki.  This man is a legend in the animation industry. He’s appeared on every list in relation to anime I’ve ever encountered.  His name rings bells. I feel like no list is complete unless he’s mentioned but that’s my bias talking. Even non-anime fans are familiar with his work.  Not mentioning him, feels disingenuous but at the same time. I pride myself  in the fact that I normally go against the grain. This mans work has altered how I perceived anime which made me love it that much more.

Satoshi Kon

Next up, the late Satoshi Kon.  Cancer is really a bitch. It took this man out way too soon.  One of the things I loved about his work is the art work used is really distinct. The coloring scheme always feels familiar. It’s dark but vibrant.  Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika for example, were both directed by him. While they are both drastically different stories, the feel familiar. His imprint so very present.

Shinichirō Watanabe

Lastly, We have Shinichiro Watanabe, Out of all of the Japanese Animators listed prior, he has had the biggest impact on me.  His project have incorporated music and animation into a package that speaks volume too me. As a creative, as a fan of music and animation.   I learned about storytelling and character development from this man.   I learned how music can enhance a story or narrate a story.   I learned alot simply enjoying the features.

Hayao Miyazaki, Satoshi Kon, and Shinichirō Watanabe are three of my favorite anime directors. Each leaving their own impact.

So who are your favorite directors? 

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