In the battle of subs vs dubs, subtitled anime was the best way to go. From issues with censorship to lacking voice actors and bad translations.  Dubs had it all.  Bad lip sync to confusing plot changes that go against canon guidelines.
While the licensing companies have gotten a lot better over the years. Most fans still prefer subtitled anime.

As a person, who watches both subtitled and dubbed anime.  I don’t have a preference.
I’ll admit, subtitled anime is superior in terms of delivering an authentic experience.  And what I mean by authentic, you’re viewing the medium as the creators intended. Fully intact and in it their native tongue.

But this is something quite enjoyable about watching anime in my native tongue. It makes the series or movie that much more relatable.  I’ll admit, I also enjoy watching dubbed anime.

There have been times where I watched both versions simultaneously.  It’s all really depends on, how I find the anime. That is what dictates how I watch,.

So in terms of subtitle and dubbed anime. Which do you prefer?

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